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Creator in Focus – Kadriah

It’s been a little while since Alpha finished, but we still look back and are astounded by the variety of creative Islands we saw during that time. We like to give some acknowledgement to those who’ve really pushed the limits with their build, so we asked Kadriah a few questions to gain insight into her special techniques.


Alpha Player Badge

Just when you thought our round-up of Alpha news had finished, we’ve got some more exciting news to share. If you’ve been one of the players helping us to test Alpha then we have a little something for you!

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Alpha is Over

Well, that’s it. Alpha is over, and we continue the work towards the next major step in the story on the Infinite Isles — Beta.

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Alpha Memories

Although Alpha on the Infinite Isles will shortly be coming to an end, we’ve had a lot of exceptional moments shared together over our ten phases, and we asked a few of our Torchbearers to reflect on what’s made SkySaga so special to them so far.

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Creator in Focus – Farren

We’ve seen a colossal number of creations throughout the various SkySaga Alpha phases, but in recent times we’ve been thoroughly impressed by Farren’s builds and the way he’s documented the building process.


Es el Momento de la Criatura - con Venexis

Torchbearer Venexis loves the creatures in SkySaga, and the Animal Cages introduced in Alpha 10 have given him thousands of ideas for new interactive creations. Read on for the lowdown on these devices and what they can offer for you, as well as a few Island ideas!