Alpha 10 - Crafting Explained

Alpha 10 sees several distinct changes occurring to the crafting process. To break down this complex topic, we asked Design Director Ben Fisher to give us some background information on the updates…

Kiaspartan thumbnail

KIA Spartan’s Desert Kingdom

KIA Spartan has produced an exquisite race island to challenge even the most skilful of players. We took a closer look at this build to share with you all.

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Drac5290 Visited Us!

Recently Torchbearer Drac5290 visited our office to take part in a streaming session, and gained a little bit of information about other things too. We asked him about his experience…

Liz's citadel 2

Lizz's Forest Citadel

Torchbearer Lizz spent a huge amount of time building this enormous creation with her partner Delizz, and we wanted to take another look at it…

Kadriah ice grotto 4

Midwinter Build Compilation

The Midwinter Events may be over, but we wanted to reflect on some of the fantastic build submissions we received for “Get Bricks and Chill”, which made us feel all warm and festive inside…