Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions, If you don't find what you need here please post on our forums. You will need to have an account (by registering here) to post on the forums.

Please also see our Rarely Asked Questions thread.

We’re currently Closed Alpha testing and whilst there is no set release date, we would love you to play and give us feedback to help us make the best game possible.

Sign up at to get into our Alpha tests or for more information about SkySaga. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter providing regular updates about SkySaga development progress.

Testing SkySaga during its Alpha phase won’t cost you anything.

SkySaga will be a free to play game with optional in-game purchases.

SkySaga is currently in Closed Alpha. This means that you have to be invited to play the game.

To get an invite you’ll need to sign up at and be from an eligible country. Once we’re ready to let more testers in you will get emailed an invitation with a download link.

Sometimes the email can end up in your spam or junk box, or Promotions tab (common with Gmail accounts) so check these if you are expecting an invitation but it’s not in your inbox.

In the event the email is lost, invited players can also download the game by logging into the SkySaga website and downloading it from their Account Management page. If you haven’t been invited yet there will be no download button.

  • 32-bit Windows OS (Vista or above)

  • 2Gb RAM and above (4Gb for medium/higher graphical quality – 2Gb will not work at anything but low spec)

  • NVIDIA GeForce GT220, Intel HD 4000, AMD Radeon HD 7520, equivalent graphics card or higher.

  • 2Ghz dual-core processor or above

  • Mouse (a laptop’s track pad is not suitable)

Please note we are in the Alpha stages and continuing to optimise the game.

SkySaga is currently PC only.

We’re interested in hearing your views about other platforms, so feel free to post in the Suggestions forum or “Like” a post about other platforms (such as this one about Mac OSX) to show your support for them.

At the moment we are only sending invites to our North American and European testers (the North American servers including Australia and New Zealand too). You can find the full list of eligible countries here.

We send out invites in waves, and the pattern that they are sent can change depending on the kind of testing we’re doing, so you may have to wait a while for it to arrive.

You may have not received an invite simply because you are not registered. You can check that you are registered by logging into the website. If you can log in then your registration worked and you can see the status of your account (including a download link if you have been invited). If not, re-register at

Sometimes your invite email can end up in your spam/junk box or Promotions tab so make sure to check these as well as your inbox.

Game keys are handed out randomly by Radiant Worlds staff. Watch our Twitch streams or take part in events and you may be lucky enough to get one!

If you’re one of the lucky few who got a key, sign up at, open your account page on the website and enter your key there.

Be wary of anywhere that claims to sell keys. SkySaga is free to play, you do not need to pay money for keys.

Currently we are only testing in the countries listed in this forum post.

This is because we haven’t placed servers in other areas yet and need to test our current server limits. We don’t have any set dates for more releases at the moment but we do plan to become a global game so please wait while we build the game some more!

Make sure you’re signed up at to be the first to know when the game is ready for you!

Yes. Usually, we restart your game progress when we reach a new Alpha phase. This prevents your game save from becoming corrupted, and it also gives you a fresh start to see everything we have added from the beginning (e.g new home islands, new tribes etc.).

We will warn you about these before they happen, so you can take pictures of your creations. We do not delete your photographs in-game, nor your friends list.

We love hearing your suggestions! There is a dedicated Suggestions section to discuss game ideas and suggestions with the other players, and with our developers.

Remember to check the Suggestions Megathread first to see if there’s already a thread about your idea. If there is, go to that thread and “Like” the top post to show your support for it!

Please post in our Help & Support section of the Forum where you’ll always find on hand lots of friendly and informative help from fellow members.

If you see a bug please post a bug report in our Bugs after checking whether it has already been reported by using the forum search page.

Please include as much detail as possible, there’s more information over in this post about making good bug reports.

After a crash, a Crash Reporter will usually pop up on your screen, please fill this out with details of what happened before the crash and press send. We check these regularly for new problems and add fixes into the game.

If you re-launch the game after a crash it will try to put you back where you left off, this might cause the game to crash repeatedly (because it’s trying to return you to a crashed world). If this happens, wait 5 minutes or so before re-launching and the game should return you to your Home Island.

A good crash report will include information about where you were, how many players were there (if you know), what action you were doing etc. For example: hard level forest adventure, 2 other players, had been mining ore.

Feel free to add any other information that you think is relevant to the crash.

Log into the launcher and click the yellow cog that appears next to the launch button, this is your settings menu. To improve the frame rate try reducing your game settings (including resolution) and try using fullscreen mode.

If you are still getting a low framerate despite following the above suggestions, and you have an AMD card, it may also help to turn off the “borderless window” option in your settings.

High ping, or latency, is usually caused by your internet connection, or by how far you are from our servers. There’s little you can do about this, except to wait for us to create servers nearer you (or for your internet connection to improve in quality).

Ensure that your registration successfully completed, and you can sign in to the website.

If your registration failed please re-register and try again.

Rest of world players will be unable to sign in as the game is not available in those regions.

If you have forgotten your password you can reset it from here.

If there is an error message then that should give some idea about why, it will appear at the top of the registration page once you have tried to submit the form.

Common issues/solutions:

  • You must be over 13 to register at the moment.
  • Ensure when you are registering that your character name is available (it will show beneath the entry box if it isn’t).
  • Check that your password is 6-12 characters.

These can often go into your spam/junk folder, or your Promotions tab (if you’re using Gmail) so check there first.

If you still can’t find it, you can request a new verification email from your Account Management page.

You will need to re-register with the correct email and choose a different character name.