Decoration Developments

We’ll be opening up the choices for player expression in Beta, and a large part of this is providing a more interactive, dynamic and detailed world for you to build in.

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Dev Diaries: Minecarts

In our first Dev Diary video – we take a look at minecarts! Find out what’s happening and why in this behind the scenes interview.


Expanding the Possibilities with Lumostone

There’s still a good bit of work to do on Beta, and you can rest assured we’re working hard on everything. In the meantime, we’re excited to reveal a little information on some of the improvements that are being made to bring the best experience possible to all of you lovely guys and girls.

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Learnings from Alpha

Since Alpha finished we’ve been hard at work creating all sorts of new content for Beta, but before we move on completely, we wanted to discuss the question; “What did we learn from Alpha?”

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Pawnbroker’s Tree House Home

Throughout our preparation for Beta we’re keen to take a look back at Alpha and remember some of the awesome builds made by our fantastic community. This week is no exception as we highlight a video of Pawnbroker’s very detailed Tree House Home.